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Apples Deli ~ AppleTree Business Park Suite 6 ~ Cheektowaga, New York 14227

conveniently located by the center entrance ~ Phone ~ 716-681-6747

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   Apples Deli! - Sausage and Seasonings!

Apples Deli

The home of Dubel's Sausage

Made Fresh Daily



Our Sausage
The Dubel family has been making fine sausages for over 70 years. Our special blend of spices create that taste many have come to love over the years. Our sausage can be purchased right here at Apples Deli. Try some today. 

Great on the Grill!

Catering Seasonings
Now you can bring home that  great taste of our sausage to your own dinner plate. If you make your own sausage add our seasoning mix to it for that down home recipe taste.




At Apples Deli Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


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Call 681-6747

Special of the Month

Italian Sausage

Links or Patties


A great compliment to your next cookout or tailgate party!




To Order

Call 681-6747

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Selections include:

  • Polish

  • Italian

  • Smoked

  • Links or Patties



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